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Nightmare Tide is now Out ! Play Rift Free & Get Some Freebies to Boot !

nogardgibnogardgib Member UncommonPosts: 25


Use the following link Valid for NA or EU :

Rift Free to Play - Ascend a Friend


Use the following code when you signup for your new account on Trion Worlds site:



You will receive the following:

* An in-game Title "The Chosen" this title is only available to ascend a friend players.

* A nice starter Bag to put all your new loot in.

* A Cape so you can aventure in style.

* A Rune that will apply a glow to your weapon (Who doesn't love a glow effect when your slashing beasts?).

* A Mount provided by me so you do not have to start your adventures on tired feet (message me in-game once your registered with ascend a friend).

* An Experienced Rift Player with multiple characters on multiple servers that can group, answer questions, and often times I can offer needed items as your leveling. 


For reference I mainly play on the Greybriar NA Server/Shard but I have characters on all Server/Shards including the EU shards.



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