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[Column] General: 5 More of the Worst Types of MMO Players



  • exhellexhell Edmonton, ABMember UncommonPosts: 35
    Originally posted by zzax

    Sorry, but your number one is wrong...

    1) Solo player - killing the genre since 2004.

    This...thank you WoW.  Not!

  • firefly2003firefly2003 Los Angeles, CAMember UncommonPosts: 2,525
    You forgot Elitist Pricks. The know it all's and everyone else's way is wrong except for them.

  • mysticalunamysticaluna Scotia, NYMember UncommonPosts: 265

    Remember, solo players were created by the toxic community as well. Players (especially) on WoW, can be so mean to other players, that they solo because they don't want to deal with the cruelty of others. 

    Not that they shouldn't all just find good guilds and play with friends, but there are a lot of mean people out there. 

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