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MMO Casual having fun on Hardcore Darkfall UW

Abuz0rAbuz0r Member UncommonPosts: 550

So I really didn't think I'd like the game it took me forever to try it, I made a post about this at a prior date about how I wish I jumped in so much earlier than I actually did.

The fact is, I like to play MMO games on weekends, and maybe for an hour or two on an evening once or twice a week.  I don't at all like to sit for hours on end and be expected for raids ETC.

On Darkfall, I can spend 30-40 minute play increments farming materials to make a few sets of armor to use on the weekend; when I play longer hours.

You see, in Darkfall, you need to own several sets of armor and several weapons.  As you use your weapons and armor they deteriorate and eventually break.  You get materials to build your armor from killing monsters, farming nodes, or simply purchasing them on the market.

Everyone, and everything has a purpose in Darkfall, the PvP guys, the trolls, the farmers, the crafters.  They all contribute, because with an ever renewing demand for new armor and weapons, your craft or skill of choice is always in demand.

That 45 minutes you spend on Tuesday afternoon gathering materials really comes in handy on Saturday when you need an extra set of armor and weapon in case you decide to completely wear yours out.  - Of course, you can more quickly use your next set of armor by losing a PvP encounter.  It's no big deal though.

I find my casual player heart pounding when I get engaged in PvP I'm not expecting.  Luckily, if I give people a good fight they normally just resurrect me.  The players on this game are amazingly nice and are really contributing to an overall good experience for me.

Oh, and the AI, have you ever had monsters that will dodge your spells?  This game doesn't use tab targeting, and monsters will move to avoid your spells.  They aren't suicidal like on 90% of mmo games.  AV made their own AI, and it's a good one.  It can be very frustrating when a monster has better aim than you do, but that's your problem now, isn't it?

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