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Building a mmo called Cube Warrirors Online

AlanGreyjoyAlanGreyjoy Member Posts: 14

Hey guys,

LONG LONG TIME stalker, first poster lol.

I am working on an MMO called Cube Warriors. I would like EVERYONES personal feedback. Don't worry... it takes a lot to hurt my feelings.






The Legend of Kilgore -


  • HorusraHorusra Member EpicPosts: 4,140
    So no pve just grinding?
  • AlanGreyjoyAlanGreyjoy Member Posts: 14
    Originally posted by Horusra
    So no pve just grinding?

    No, you can level up in PvE as well.

    The formula for it wont be that massive.

    That's massive. I plan to just use 4 functions for leveling up. pvpL, pveL, pveBL, and genL.

    genL will be for crafting and what not. It will add xp to your current actual level and crafting level.

    pveBL will be for World Bosses, raid Bosses, and Dungeon Bosses


    The functions are already made, they just have //comments in them lol. But I have already laid the foundation for them.

    I am VERY open to support. My goal is to always leave players feeling great about slaying something. When you have 200k exp points left to level up and you get 78 from a mob...  or 500 from a boss... really sucks. But, I am a one man team! My brain is open to all!

    The Legend of Kilgore -

  • AlanGreyjoyAlanGreyjoy Member Posts: 14
    Updated the op, in case anyone was watching this here.

    The Legend of Kilgore -

  • Panther2103Panther2103 Member EpicPosts: 5,315
    It looks really good!
  • AlanGreyjoyAlanGreyjoy Member Posts: 14

    I know it's been awhile..


    But the game has moved from that style.

    Pixels Pixels Pixels!

    This is the new game :)

    The Legend of Kilgore -

  • KingLlamaKingLlama Member UncommonPosts: 35
    I'll keep a eye on this one! I'm actually working on a game also!!!

    Playing - WoW
    Character Name - Thefiend

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