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Omerta Gaming, All Regions, Crafting/PvP/PvE/GvG *Recruiting*

applesaucemanapplesauceman Member Posts: 1

Hello my fellow adventurers my name is Applesauceman and I lead the guild Omerta Gaming with my co-founder Lockdown. 

I am proud to announce that after much planning and development Omerta Gaming is officially being launched into the Albion community.
We are a new guild that has recently come together because of the emergence of Albion Online and hope to become a presence in the community and game universe.

[Omerta Gaming] Is a serious guild looking for new members for alpha and beyond. We aiming to be a dedicated tight-nit guild with aims to Dominate in GvG and Open World PvP in our area. As a tight-nit guild we will be forming several alliances to strengthen our Open World Defense, Trade Opportunities, and Diplomacy.

Our goal is to become a significant presence in the world of Albion Online, build a community and have a damn good time doing so.

We are a new guild and therefore need new members. We hope to grow a community and welcome everyone to apply whether you are brand new to the Albion experience or are a hardened veteran honing your skills for the next alpha.

For time time being we do have leadership roles available (i.e. Officer/Moderator etc) but are limited for now.
As the Omerta community grows more leadership opportunities will most likely arise.

The application process begins at our website linked here:

After your application has been submitted it will be reviewed and we would contact you shortly after with our decision, however, since we are a new guild it is mostly just to get to know you all better and to help you get fit with the in game role that you want to play. 




1. For the time being Omerta is using Teamspeak 3 as its main communication software and would prefer if you download it (mic preferred)

2. Must be semi-active: As a college student I complete understand that real life comes before games and appreciate any need to take leave once in a while, but to ensure a dedicated and lively community we would appreciate that time gets dedicated to the guild and its members to keep Omerta alive and well.

3. Respect decisions made by officers/moderators: All decisions that impact the guild will be decided by the leadership along by the community, this is something I really want to make clear. Every member has a say in the decision making process, however after considering how the members react, the officers and leadership will announce a decision and we ask you please respect it.

4. Be respectful of others: This is a really important one as it is the basis of our community. We really want serious players who will help each other out when necessary and do not troll or flame others for unnecessary reasons.

5. Our main language is English: This is pretty self explanatory, Currently we speak just English on Teamspeak so prefer that you do too

6. Must honor alliances.

7. Cheating/Stealing/harassing other guild members will result in your membership being called into question.

8. Contribute time and resources to help other members when needed!

9. Have fun!: (The most important expectation)


[Official roster coming soon] 
(However I will noted that we do have four members at the moment as we unofficially launched yesterday via messaging only)

Applesauceman Time Zone: EST
Lockdown Time Zone: CST

I (Applesauceman) will usually be on at nights and Lockdown will usually be on in the mornings and daytime. 

Applesauceman Co-Founder:

Lockdown Co-Founder:


Feel free to message us at any time we are very active and should always get back to you as soon as we can!
Thank you for taking your time to read all of this Albion Community!

See you on the battlefield of Albion whether it be as friend or Foe!


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