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Anno online fail

StarshakerStarshaker Member Posts: 28

This game is ok except for frequent and highly annoying bugs that they take forever to fix. Like when you had to reload the game every time you did ANYTHING. It took them about a month to finally get around to fixing that.

Then they decided to change the items needed for monuments and typically failed. They took all the old stuff out of your inventory and put in the new stuff but forgot about one item. The one EVERYTHING needed to build anything a monument used.

At the same time they screwed up player's data base so that now, whenever a trade ship finishes trading, it vanishes along with any bonus items the ship has. So you have to remake the ship, 16 hours, and buy a new merchant and bonus items, all very expensive. I guess they don't want to fix this cuz they hate trade ships because they are absolutely necessary.

Now they are going to add PvE to the game. It makes me shudder cuz I'm sure there will be a legion of bugs that they will take FOREVER to fix.

If you are a patient person who can withstand a lot of frustration play the game. Most sane people won't put up with it but hey, it's a game right?

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