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No Coupon Key Recieved

I applied for the stimulus package awhile ago and have yet to receive my coupon code. As per this forum post the offer has expired, so it looks like I won't be getting the 25% off. :( Also it seems the giveaway is still going despite the offer being expired. I would contact your dev team right away to have this removed and at least honor those that applied for it prior to the removal as anyone applying for it would not of known the offer expired, as it's stated nowhere on the giveaway page, the official site or official forums and only after randomly searching and deciding to look at the forums will they find out.




  • yodablazeyodablaze Member Posts: 234
    We are still honoring the key and will continue to do so for anyone who has not received their coupon. I'm sending you a pm with the coupon code now. If anyone else has not received their coupon code, please let us know either by posting here or contacting us directly from our website.
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