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Release 9 combat feedback



  • mfruskomfrusko Member UncommonPosts: 20

    I became a backer the other day, I looked into the game and researched up on what UO was like and what other Garriott games were like and thought I would give it a shot. I still haven't played yet, the card based combat seems interesting but I agree with a few posts where if you want to melee and no melee card pops up you're kind of SOL. Same with healing etc. Adding some randomness to combat does sound interesting but I think they went about it the wrong way.

    If I'm paying attention and understanding what I've read, it doesn't really matter what class you are, you're going to have to use the cards you are dealt in your deck, it doesn't matter if you prefer melee or ranged etc, you really have no say on what attack you do? Now I know it's a sandbox game and they want people to do what they want and not fit the same old class molds, but wouldn't having a battle deck for each potential style of class. make things still random but at the same time allow people to play in combat style they choose. And maybe have the ability to mix and match two class decks or something along those lines. 

    I'm still looking forward to actually being able to play the game, but the combat seems to be the iffiest thing that might make or break this game for me. 

    And please excuse my post if it seems a little incoherent, just had my wisdom teeth ripped out so I'm not  firing on all cylinders quite yet.

  • MookzenMookzen Member Posts: 18
    When it's pre-alpha and already abundantly clear that development is in 'polishing the turd' mode then you know it's gg for the project. I'm looking forward to the hilarity that is surely to come in this forum as the game nears it's release. I'm a big fan of UO but, honestly, this is downright embarrassing. I wish the game could be successful but experience shows how unlikely that would be. The game is going to release to standards at least 10 years behind the rest of the market, don't get me wrong if this was 2004 the game could be successful, drawn on flat forest zone walls and all. Then again WoW and Everquest 2 released around then so I'm not even sure. It's like an old gamedev finally got to implementing everything he wished he could 15 years ago but somehow within the framework of that time, same design principles on a more powerful pc, it's really bizarre.
  • Originally posted by GungaDin
    Originally posted by Aragon100
    Originally posted by Kangaroomouse

    Personally, and that is just my own view from what i played so far, I think the whole game is a disaster. Unity engine, mini zones, crappy animations, bad lighting, ugly shaders, weird game play and combat. I just can't seem to enjoy it at all.


    I regret backing it on Kickstarter. I really do.

    Your definetly not the only one and the real important question for developers is - how many pledgers do they still have left after this combat fiasco? 

    Keeping pledgers is important.

    I dont think they have many left and that is also what you can read on SotA forums, many have a hard time finding anyone else when they're in the game.

    Fanbois with pink coloured glasses also have a huge responsibility why developers continue with this fiasco of combat system.

    Yea, and thats gonna lead to NO EPISODE 2.  I had sent private messages to the DEVs. months ago, pleading with them to scrap this system.    These people don't realize that outside of their niche community, there is no support for this type of combat system.

    I mean, just look at all the discussion about the combat system, its a disaster.   And why did they have to reinvent combat on a 4 mil budget ?  Makes no sense.  That should never have been the focus of this project., now its interfering with the rest of the development and content.


    Miss you bro. <3

  • GungaDinGungaDin Member UncommonPosts: 514
    LOL ,  Your blog (both of them :) always cracks me up.  Well done...
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