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ALLSTARS.EU Vanilla | Fresh today! 18-08 | No durability

PlaY1DaYPlaY1DaY Member Posts: 1





HO-LEE-CHITT 1088 hours 
PlaY1DaY 711 hours 

Allstars Server Rules

-No Hacking 
-No Advertising/Voice or Text Chat Spam 
-No Unraidable Bases 
-No Hackusations in General Chat: Contact an Admin or Staff Member instead 
-No Racism 
-No building over loot spawns 
-No looting through walls/doors 
-No Building under rocks (we will find out have plugin for that) 
-No sleeping bag under foundation 
-No small stashes under pillars (We will check houses for this) 
-No hacking/cheating 
Allstars.EU general info 

Respect the Server Content: If you find a bug with our content or RUST content report it to an Admin or Staff Member 

Respect the Server/Staff: Contact an Admin if you have issues with the content, server in general, other staff members, etc. 

Do not spread false information: About the Admin, Server, or Content 

Turn your tears into bullets: Fill the server chat up with hate or complaints you will be muted. Contact an Admin or Staff if you have. 
Allstars events 

We will do events on the server, so players can win prices here are some of the events we are planning to do. 

- Hide 'n' Seek 
- Hunger games 
- Maze 
- Parkour 
- Quiz
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