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[NA] Ex Inferno Raid group Shield

Zippo11Zippo11 Member Posts: 40


  • Zippo11Zippo11 Member Posts: 40

    S.H.I.E.L.D. - Raid Group  (Exile)

    Progression Raiding

    Raid Attunement

    • -Once you've signed here as you are supposed to, then you will be added to the sheet and be able to raid.
      -Please, DO NOT ADD YOUR NAME TO THIS SPREADSHEET. Once you've signed in the this thread, I will manually add you. Don't try to sneak your name in - I know the last person I added. I will remove you if you manually add your name to the sheet.
      ***S.H.I.E.L.D. Raid Attunement***


    • - Sun, Wed, and Friday @ 8-11 PST [11-2 EST]
      - Show up 20-30 min early to make sure you're ready to go. Shit, shower, and shave before hand.


    • Loot Priority
      1 - Core Raider - Main Spec
      2 - Core Raider - Off Spec - if actively used.
      3 - Others and pugs - Main Spec only.
      Loot Guidelines
      - Try and keep others in mind and if its not that big of an upgrade, let it pass. It will drop again. Remember, we are a team and every other member helps you progress. 
      Modified Loot Council
      -We will be modifying our loot rolls slightly to make loot giveaways more fair to everyone and not rely solely on the RNGoddess we all love to hate. Here are the new guidelines for the rules.
      • 1. - Loot council will be made up of 3 people, 1 RA/RL and 2 CL’s. 
        2. - When a piece of loot is dropped the RA/RL will link the item in either our circle or raid chat (channel to be decided). If you want that piece you will then link your current piece to the RA/RL.
        3. - The loot council will then deliberate shortly and pick 3-5 people, these people will then /ran 100.
        4. - High Roller whens the loot.
      -Now you might be asking yourself how does the loot council decide? 
      Break Down and the order of importance
      • 1. - Upgrade - Who does the new piece upgrade the most?
        2. - Attitude - How is your attitude both during raids and off nights. Are you willing and happy about helping others get attuned, geared, learn new skills etc.
        3. - Performance - How well are you performing at your role, are you sub par because of skill, or because of gear?
        4. - Attendance - Must maintain 80% or higher, if you are lower does not mean you won't get the loot, but people with 80+ win over those that are under 80.
        5. - Last Time Loot Won - When was the last time you won a loot?
      - Moral of the story - let a leader know if you're not going to be present during a raid because we will be counting on each member. In the least, post here Wildstar AFK if you're going to miss a raid.


    • First and foremost, we are all here to have fun. That being said, when it comes to raid times, we must all be focused on boss kills and overall progression. If you are wasting time goofing off and not putting effort into making each attempt better than the last, we will never accomplish anything. The same goes for down times as well. If a wipe occurs, don't waste time taking self-imposed breaks. The more time we spend goofing off, the less time we spend getting loot.


    • - Deaths are a part of the process in raiding. We live and we die. <img class=" src="http://www.exinferno.com/eif/images/smilies/icon_mrgreen.gif" title="Mr. Green" /> We will do this repeatedly until we get it right. Please do not get discouraged over deaths. We learn through this. What works for us is not always, what works for other groups.
      - No ninja AFK. If you must leave, say something. If it is an emergency, please just let me know.
      - No rage quits.... you rage, you get kicked!
      - Must be in Mumble to raid with SHIELD.
      - Research boss fights and try to know the encounters. If you ever have any questions, ask publicly or privately.
      - Have a good attitude at all times. If you have any issues with anything please speak to me, we will work it out. 
      - Always try to improve.
      - Will be forming a circle called "S H I E L D" in game for group announcements and invites. 
      - Be Considerate of Other Raiders!
      - Do NOT EVER talk down to a member of your raid team. There will be no tolerance concerning this. 

      Thank you to the SHIELD team and thank you to those of you considering being a part of our team. 
      Just remember we work together as one and we can do more in being this way

    - Do NOT EVER talk down to a member of your raid team. There will be no tolerance concerning this.
    If this raid does not suite your need take a look at  www.exinferno.com. We have mulitple raids groups for both factions aswell as NA and EU. Hope to see you soon.

  • Zippo11Zippo11 Member Posts: 40
    S.H.I.E.L.D. is recruiting! We are progressing through GA and are looking for more RDPS and SS Healers. Silver Adventures are required to apply. We raid Wed/Fri/Sun 8pm-11pm PST. www.exinferno.com or whisper Lamb, Exa or Organize for more information.
  • Zippo11Zippo11 Member Posts: 40
    S.H.I.E.L.D. is recruiting
  • Zippo11Zippo11 Member Posts: 40
    S.H.I.E.L.D. - Raid Group (Exile)
  • Zippo11Zippo11 Member Posts: 40
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