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Worst character customization I've seen in a modern mmo, ever. Will WoD fix this?



  • YaevinduskYaevindusk Member RarePosts: 2,094


    Aside from the updated models and perhaps new hairstyles, the only thing new will be the talk of sub-races within each faction.  Though that won't be in for launch, and probably not even for the duration of Warlords.  They were talking about things like orcs with straight backs in addition to the hunched versions.  People were speculating that there might be High Elves for Humans in terms of sub-race options (the same racials as humans, but with the High Elf Model) since it's unlikely they'll be a race due to Blizzard only needing to change the eye color while working on an entirely new race for the horde (I.E. complaints of favoritism at that point; granted, though... the idea of high elves finally being placed in after 20+ years in lore is something a lot of alliance and horde players one -- horde specifically so they can get rid of some of the Blood Elves that would immediately make the switch since they don't fit with all the savage buildings and themes (and lore)).


    Beyond that I doubt there will be customization, unless you're speaking strictly of addons such as adding books and knives to your character's armor that aren't a part of it, as detailed in an article made by them some odd five months ago.  In addition to customizing your Garrison.

    Due to frequent travel in my youth, English isn't something I consider my primary language (and thus I obtained quirky ways of writing).  German and French were always easier for me despite my family being U.S. citizens for over a century.  Spanish I learned as a requirement in school, Japanese and Korean I acquired for my youthful desire of anime and gaming (and also work now).  I only debate in English to help me work with it (and limit things).  In addition, I'm not smart enough to remain fluent in everything and typically need exposure to get in the groove of things again if I haven't heard it in a while.  If you understand Mandarin, I know a little, but it has actually been a challenge and could use some help.

    Also, I thoroughly enjoy debates and have accounts on over a dozen sites for this.  If you wish to engage in such, please put effort in a post and provide sources -- I will then do the same with what I already wrote (if I didn't) as well as with my responses to your own.  Expanding my information on a subject makes my stance either change or strengthen the next time I speak of it or write a thesis.  Allow me to thank you sincerely for your time.
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