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[NA] [AD] [RP/RP-PvX] Descendants of Lattasel (No RP experience required)


Tamriel is in shambles. The Empire has fallen, and Cyrodiil is a war zone. The Ebonheart Pact, the Daggerfall Covenant, and the Aldmeri Dominion amass armies to claim The Ruby Throne, and House Lattasel stands next to annihilation.

But I chose differently. I chose glory. The Descendants of Lattasel will rise again. Being a Descendent of Lattasel is more than just blood, race, or beliefs. Any who join us can become great. Perhaps even greater than the House of Lattasel once was. Fighting alongside the Aldmeri Dominion, we can claim power for ourselves. We can claim Cyrodiil, and all of Tamriel, for our ourselves. But I cannot do this alone, I need help. I need the strongest the Dominion has to offer.

Our leader, Valeria Lattasel has fallen and I am Anarkm Pulassius, I am asking for your help, and together, we will be great.



We are currently recruiting mature players in the Dominion to come join our roleplay events, large scale or small. If you have little to no roleplay experience, our members our patient and always willing to help! We run on EST though all are welcome to enlist.

To apply and for more information, visit our website or contact @MrKrixpy (or @Zatsukun, @fuzzy-sheepy, @Nycthemeral, @dextrenchcoat) in game.


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    -deleted, no longer relevant-
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    This one sees you have a fair bit of gold in your pocket. Are you feeling the luck of Rajhin today?


    Come join this one at the Greenhill House of Chance every Fredas at sundown for a night of dice, drinks, and dance!


    This one is Biar'saya, tell the Descendants you know me and they'll give you your first drink on me.


    ((We'll be at Greenhill in Reaper's March every Friday at 9 pm EST. Check out the thread on our forum here: We hope to see you there!))

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