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Corpus Aeternum - The Militant Arm of Callambea


Corpus Aeternum, a private military for the merchant minded 
Callambea is the trade center of the River Kingdoms, but keeping the homestead safe is hard work. 
Enter Corpus Aeternum, We protect your wealth so you don't have to!

Do you have a strong sword arm? 
Does your spellbook sing for something greater? 
Why settle for smaller skirmishes 
Lend your might to something grander 
Help keep our coin flowing 
Protect the gold, Protect Callambea! 

So with that start of the War of Towers about a week into EE, it is more and more imperative that we get a significant military group/CC setup and running. With the Corp being the primary defenders of Callambea, it will be up to us to defend the towers that will power our crafters. Sure our Hounds will be rushing to the fray more often than not, but it is our hardened soldiers that will provide the immovable foundation assuring that our fortifications remain steadfast.

So who out there is looking to be a member of the Corp? Who wants to be a soldier in the Military of Callambea, and be a Knight of our great city? Who is willing to defend Callambea and its interest in the wide world of the River Kingdoms? Do not wait for tommorrow for the sharpened steel we offer today. We need you, our trade needs you, our Empire needs you.

Join Corpus Aeternum Today!

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