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SW TOR quick review

LegereLegere Member UncommonPosts: 123

So I had today off work and decided, I'm going to try Starwars, the old republic MMO.

HOLY SHIT. Serious? Are you fucking serious?  Is this REALLY what EA/BIOWARE spent their 300 mil on?

After the initial relatively small download to get in quick (which was nice) I'm presented with a 1024x768 low graphics screen with no obvious way to change graphics until later.  The character customization is something from early 2000's that look like crap and has nothing but presets.... not to mention I was given a black jedi knight that said something about the DARK SIDE.. 

after that, it put me in the game, still without ANY flashy cutscenes which I looked forward to.  At least it allowed me to change the graphics settings, which I did max out.. still looked like a game from 10 years ago.. quite shit to be honest.  I ran around and listen to a couple of voice acting that's absolutely terrible.. and at that time I decide I've seen enough and bored already.. holy fucking shit. 

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