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ZERG, 24/7 Activity, 500+ community members, Hugely Newbie Friendly, JOIN THE ZERG!!! [NA Server]

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Are you NEW to the game? Would you like to try out DARKFALL free for 14 days, PM xzxDJxzx on mmorpg for a free 14 day trial buddy key!


FOR INFO ON THE OBJECTIVES OR ANY QUESTIONS PM xzxDJxzx, Dak Drak, on the forums directly.

We keep an 100% active clan roster at all times!


JOIN OVER 500+ members!


Clan Event Videos from Darkfall Unholy Wars:



Clan Event Videos from DF 1.0:



ZERG 200 Man Siege:

ZERG Even More Active Members:

Fire Dragon Event:

About The Clan:

  • ZERG is a clan that do not tax its members, like some of the other clans do in game, everything is free
  • We will be aiming to have a large active member base of over 500+ players in our community, so come and join the activity!
  • We have members from all different countries around the world
  • We own a clan player built city called Sweetwater
  • We are independent and we will choose who we allie instead of an alliance choosing
  • We are a World Wide clan with players from all time zones, we have many friends of friends and family's in this clan so make sure you fit in with a friendly community atmosphere
  • Looking for team players who like to PVP, PVE, Craft, build Ships & Warhulks
  • New players can apply and will receive all the help they need to skill up and be supported
  • We have an alliance

Player Requirements:

  • Must be a team player
  • Must use voice comms (Teamspeak)
  • New players are welcome that want to progress, we are a newbie friendly clan and help them level up
  • As we are one of the most active clans in game, we are looking for mature ACTIVE team players only.

How To Apply:

Please message a recruitment officer by using the commands below:

To apply to the clan please pm directly [COLOR="Red"]Djxzx Terrorize (UK), Sam Booka (Holland), Dak Drak (USA) or Vanessa Huxtable (USA) Awki Awkerson (USA)[/COLOR] in game or go to Clans > Search for ZERG > Apply to join in game.

Other Info:

  • Enjoy an active huge 24/7 clan, raid who you like, roam sieges etc
  • [U]FREE FOR ALL PVP looting policy[/U]
  • Clan Events Daily, (red dragon, dark dragon, krakken, demon, devil etc)
  • Specified roles for clan members
  • Pvp ladder
  • Nice community of all ages whom respect each other and have fun
  • Veterans to teach & guide new players all the way to vet status
  • We are a 24/7 Clan, i can honestly say you will find at least minimum 10 people online at all times of the day/night
  • Dedicated Forums & Website with constant active topics to chat about and make new friends in our community

Gharvhel Carre - (was a newbie dwarf, now a strong pvper within 1 month) - "This is one of the only clans in the game that takes in new players and physically gets you up to veteran status asap with dedicated tutors/mentors!"

  • We can also confirm we will be aiming to help new players again in 2.0 as well as recruiting veterans like before in 1.0

  • This year we will be aiming to create a community for ZERG as well as have an in game community, with over 500+ individual players who have registered there interest so far and alot of those being old members from ZERG 1.0 we hope that we can continue the traditional values of ZERG as well as giving new and old players more excitement at the same time on all fronts!

[COLOR="Red"]Relive launch player numbers with HUGE activity levels and a massive community, Join the ZERG![/COLOR]

To apply in game:

Hit esc > Click on "clans" > Search for the clan named ZERG > Then apply to join.

We keep an 100% active clan roster at all times! Anyone who is inactive for more than 3 weeks without letting us know on our clan forums will be kicked out temporarily from the clan and will be able to re apply when they return to the game.

For any political inquiries please pm Djxzx Terrorize.

PM xzxDJxzx on for a FREE trial buddy key which lasts for 14 days if you are a new player!

Also if you farm within 14 days around 100,000 gold you are able to buy a D.U.E.L. which works the same as a PLEX in eve which will give you 1 month of free Darkfall Unholy Wars :)



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