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The alignment system

One of the most interesting features of this game to me is the proposed alignment system. Character alignments will actually change to match your ingame behaviors: If you go around murdering strangers or animating dead, you will become more Evil, and if you break contracts or rob merchant caravans you will become more Chaotic. 

Combine that mechanic with the one-step restriction on settlement membership- you cannot join any settlement or nation unless your alignment is within one horizontal or vertical step of their alignment- and what you will see is that players are naturally grouped by the alignment system into groupings that actually play the game in similar ways. When you see a player flying the city crest of a Lawful Good settlement, that will tell you something useful: not just about how he has imagined his character concept, but about how he objectively behaves in the game world.


  • MumboJumboMumboJumbo Member UncommonPosts: 3,219

    It seems like a progressive system to use from:

    1) This PvE Content, all other players = friendly / non-attackable

    2) This battleground, the blue or red players are attackable only

    PFO's using:

    I'm going to assume faction and feud will feed into the flag system eventually so different groups of players can alter their status with other players. But as you can compare to the above, there' a much more complex quantity of SOCIAL INFORMATION for player-groups to process and navigate. I think it should be  a game system that is possibly very rewarding if the balance between security and danger and risk and reward can be achieved.
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