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Scroll of Resurrection still available?

solidstatesocietysolidstatesociety Birmingham, ALMember Posts: 4

Hi guys, I'm going to renew my subscription to WoW tommarow afternoon after some shopping for a friends b-day. and I kind of have the day now :P anyone have a Scroll of Resurrection? if they're in the game still I mean, I think I can remember at a time you get a rocket mount, or maybe that's the recruit-a-friend......Anyways, if you have one and want to drop me one (possibly cuz you could get loot?); send a whisper/im to me. I'll try to mark up the thread to closed, whenever I get one...Also


I took a month off cuz I was going to try ESO but decided against it, with the story being filmed nicely on youtube, I figured I'll wait till they add more skills/hotbars to the game. But if someone has a ESO friend/invite key, whisper me that, and I'll play either ESO or WoW till Warlords of Draenor comes out. (note: if I get a ESO key, i'll prolly play that/purchase it tommarow instead of WoW, cuz I do love the story/lore, that's enough to keep me around for 6months or better)

Anyways, I'll keep the thread monitored and shut it down when I get in a game.

Playing on Thrall-horde, Stormage- Alliance, both warrior

will be playing a Khajiit/Orc/ or redguard, (in that order), if I get a ESO key.

Peace and gank some nubs out there :) I personally <3 it when I see a post on this site where some poor biatch is crying cuz they can't mine/gather/craft/game in a pvp-safe zone. I literally imagine, or see it in my head; the tears streaming down their elongated faces with mouths gaping, sobbing as they key in the excuse that they should have a right to play in an MMO without human interaction. lololol ./stab


  • solidstatesocietysolidstatesociety Birmingham, ALMember Posts: 4
    Is scroll of resurrection still in the game? It's been barely a month since my last login, been a year or two since I looked at the scroll of res/recruit a friend page in account management
  • PepeqPepeq Member UncommonPosts: 1,977
  • solidstatesocietysolidstatesociety Birmingham, ALMember Posts: 4

    Thanks :) i'ma post over at the eso forums for a invite-a-friend key instead then, since I have today to burn, hopefully I like ESO, I mean I wanna go back and finish gearing up for WoD, and do SoO (all I do is pvp, so I wait till end of expac, then just get carried through by friends, to see the story)

    Mods, plz close if you will. NOTHING TO SEE HERE FOLKS.

    afterthought: I'm still pumped for WoD....

  • abiwilson424abiwilson424 Losa Angeles, CAMember Posts: 9

    question... if I have used a SOR before, like years ago, can I still use a new one to return to WOW?



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