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The Everbloom Alliance

CheatleCheatle Member Posts: 5

The Everbloom Alliance exists to promote the safety and well being of member settlements, and the citizens that reside therein. More than just a non-aggression pact, members agree to assist in the defense of allied settlements.

The Everbloom Alliance is led by a council, with each member settlement having equal representation while maintaining a high degree of autonomy. The council is composed of representatives selected by the respective member settlements. The Everbloom Alliance charter defines the obligations and rights of individual member settlements and contains the enumerated powers granted to the council representatives on behalf of the member settlements.

While not required, several of our member settlements are planning to use synergies between settlements and provide services to other allies as a way to cover the broad assortment of play options available in Pathfinder Online.

Charter available to prospective members by request, contact settlement leadership below.


Landrush Map - All of those listed below are in the south east of the map, they all will be getting a settlement. 


Membership List


Blackwood Glade -  Kitsune, Mourn Blackhand, StormWeaver


- Koinonia Emporou

- Taur-im-Duinath

- The Viridian Circle


Brighthaven - Lifedragn

- The Empyrean Order

  • The Argent Guard
  • The Azure Astra Arcanum
  • The Empyrean Order Military
  • The Explorer’s League
  • The Golden Scales Trade Guild
  • The Seraphic Commission


Hammerfall - Gerrik, teribithia

- The Groundlings

- Hearthguard

- The Marsh Wardens


Keeper’s Pass - Baki, Cougar, Erian

- Drakes of Magic

- Keepers of the Circle

  • Ring of Crystal
  • Ring of Earth
  • Ring of Gold
  • Ring of Iron
  • Ring of Light
  • Ring of Shadow
  • Ring of Steel
  • Ring of Wood


Phaeros - Decius, Nihimon, Skwiziks, Valkenr

- The Seventh Veil


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