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Charted Company: Lion Council (BR)

KemedoKemedo Member Posts: 1

Lion Council – Off the Beaten Path Wanderes

Role – Hunter, Monster Controlling and Transportation

Alignement - True Neutral

Motto: “With dust in throat I crave. Only knowledge will I save. To the game you stay a slave”

Focus - PvE

Settlement - Aragorn (CN)

Leadership: Kemedo


This company will be specialized in the control of monsters escalation and travelers duties. The members of this divisions, knows as Rovers, Wanderers, Nomads, Vagabonds (Call us what you will), are motivated by the love of a tough fight and the complete freedom from boundaries. 


Who should join the Lion Council?

The Off Path Wanderers is a group of friendly players looking for someone do not bound themselves easily, except our love for travel. Our freedom to roam is our flag, and we are prepared for dangers that could come from this passion:

  • Monsters hunting
  • Transportation Duties
  • Specific Monsters Contracts
  • Specific Transportation Contracts

We do not seek be less than high reputation players, since our target will be maintain our focus in Monsters Contend and Travel. Low Rep deeds are not in our plans, and will be disencouraged.


We will follow the:

Six Rivers Freedoms

  • Say What You Will, I Live Free
  • Oathbreakers Die
  • Walk Any Road, Float Any River
  • Courts Are for Kings
  • Slavery is an Abomination
  • You Have What You Hold
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