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[NA][Dominion][Pergo] Hindsight 3/6 GA Recruiting

tandoortandoor Member Posts: 34

Guild Name: Hindsight
Faction: Dominion
Server Type: Pergo-(PvP)
Region: NA
Focus: Hardcore Pve 12hr/week
Raid Times: 7:30-11:30 Pst T/W/Th
Looking for: Looking raiders with previous high end gaming experience. Being fully attuned is not required if you can convince us to attune/gear you.
Hindsight strives to be the top 12hr a week guild in NA. We will not exceed our 12 hr raid schedule in our main raid. We will never hold a required raid on a Friday, Sat or Sunday.Especially during progression. Skill and efficiency are much more important to us than the time you can throw at a boss. Due to our VERY low raid hours, near 100% attendance will be required.
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