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Does anyone know this game?

shadowdragon409shadowdragon409 Member Posts: 1

The game i am looking for is I think an mmorpg

If anyone has played Hell-fire its kind of like that only you fight other people and if you win you get to do 1 of 3 things depending on the game mode you chose to fight in... 1. you can drain a small amount of xp from the opponent's monster and put it into your own monster 2. kill the opponent's monster and keep all of the xp into your monster. 3. keep the opponent's monster... if you lose visversa

you also can only pick one monster to fight with ontop of that if your monster dies you can resurrect it using points...

also besides for missions and everything listed above its exactly like hell-fire (only the monsters arn't half nude women in sexy/intimidating poses)


I would love to play this game again

I cant get on minecraft b/c of internet things and roblox is boring

and some of the other mmorpg's are crap/require a fee/need a download

(also dont suggest other mmorpg's( I want this one))

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