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Offline RPG

ShavannaShavanna Member UncommonPosts: 5


I hope that this is the right part of this forum to post this.

I'm looking for an offline PC RPG. It should contain ...


- multiple classes (maybe classless with specialisation via chosing skills)

--> "leveling up" with changing classes, e.g. thief -> rogue -> bandit chief

- no fixed end (a little bit sandboxlike)



- crafting

- forming of multiple teams / management


What i don't want:

- TES - games

- Voxel - games



I hope you could help me!



  • spideyfkspideyfk Member UncommonPosts: 6

    I'll start by saying that you are requesting this in a MMORPG forum, != offline.

    After that, I'll recommend Final Fantasy Tactics for you. 

  • ReklawReklaw Member UncommonPosts: 6,495

    If you want a somewhat linear RPG experiance and tb (turnebased) I would suggest Dragon Age.

    Want more freedom go for Two Worlds 2 I really enjoyed this not so known RPG gem. Played 1& 2 but 2 is definitly what one should have been.

    Mass Effect if you want some sci fi in your RPG. It's more a action combat RPG.

    Hope this helps

    And don't worry about the first reply as you can post/ask for ofline RPG's since has mentioned to open up for singleplayer RPG's. Because both have certain things in common though the MMO>RPG is slightly changing into more hack&slash with some exceptions here and there.


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