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How long do certain features hold up and remain enjoyable?

mmoguy43mmoguy43 Member UncommonPosts: 2,770

There are some features that are rather intergral for MMORPGs and others that could be defined as attached gimmicks. Some features have greater lasting appeal that others. I'm curious what everyone thinks were cool features until they were not. If some remain to be cool or all of them become equally unappealing over time.

I'll start.

Continuous questing- Cool from EQ2 until about 2009. Can't keep doing them if they are the same as they were.

Dynamic quests(rotating cycles)- Cool with Warhammer and was uncool by the time of Rift.

Character titles- Cool for the first few MMOs. Now I couldn't care less about them.

PvP Battlegrounds- Cool in GW1 and Warhammer but lost interest after that.

Skill trees- I don't know when they were especially fun but lost interest in them by SWTOR

Personal Achievements- Was it ever all that cool? can't remember. Maybe were fun in SP games but didn't care about them once they were included in MMOs.


There are many other feature that I could say that were a lot of fun in the begining and are still tolerable.


  • free2playfree2play Member UncommonPosts: 2,043

    Crafting and Gathering.


    I'll spend hours doing it if it's low intensity and effective. When I make my LotRO returns it's 90% of the game for me. I don't care about leveling. My original LotRO char, a Captain is still only level 84 but I've fitted all my characters from 5 to level cap stuff I can't wear yet, armor, jewelry, weapons, legendary gear. All crit version, all done by me. FF14 I would spend most of my time gathering and making stuff. I don't any more. the i70 but with some stat buffs ruined it. It's sub par gear and I know it. SWG was the gathering and crafting gold mine and I dedicated characters to it. EVE I try but they force me out of my comfort zone with the moon goo babysitting jobs and I fall short in EVE manufacturing. I tried in Tera but too much currency requirements ruined it, I tried in TSW but that was just a disaster.


    It's what I call my 'Monday gaming activity'. That thing you do when you don't want a lot of time requirement per session and know it will lead to the friday hard core session.

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