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Unkn0wnz159Unkn0wnz159 Member Posts: 2
Hi i am looking for f2p mmorpg with random item stats high playerbase and good character customization


  • CrusadesCrusades Member Posts: 480
    World of Warcraft - get there now!!! Come and see me in 5-7 years and I'll make another suggestion.
  • Unkn0wnz159Unkn0wnz159 Member Posts: 2
    Refresh any mmorpg ?
  • ErgloadErgload Member UncommonPosts: 433
    age of wushu maybe?
  • ZakaryahZakaryah Member Posts: 7

    You should try Shadowbane. Its servers were closed in 2009 but it has been revived. It is an awesome PVP oriented game.  The player base may be lacking a bit but if you can get past that and its dated graphics it provides both random item stats and high amount of character customization with 12 races and 22 classes to choose from. Not to mention tons of sub classes called disciplines.

    Go to . Pm if you like and you can play with me and my guild.

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