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Empire of Xeilias: The First Nation of PFO

Hobs00Hobs00 Member Posts: 5


In a games of territorial control and realm vs realm competition, it should be no surprise to experienced gamers that where you choose to hang your hat will matter.  In such games, experience, organization, and well crafted alliances will place you head and shoulders above your competition.  With that in mind, let me introduce you to the Empire of Xeilias - PFO's first nation.

In a game that will begin with 33 individual settlements, The Xeilian Empire is already comprised of four of those settlements, Combined with its membership in the Northern Coalition, and you have a six settlement cooperative forming the single largest collection of PvP-experienced guilds in the PFO community.  

Let's look at each one, and see which appeals to you and your friends.

Xeilian Settlements:

1. Callambea - Uniquely situated to be the premier trade hub of the River Kingdom's, all forms of trade, merchandise, and contracts will flow through the gates of Lawful Neutral Callambea.  If you have an interest in crafting, home defense, or contract PvP (mercenary work, bounty hunting, assassination, etc.), take a look at these companies:

*Note - If you have your own Company/Guild you think would fit into Callambea, consider applying as a Sponsored Company or Private Company.  If a single individual, perhaps Free Agent is what you're looking for.
* Note - Callambea was one of the three settlements to win the first Land Rush and its current position on the map is assured.
2. Golgotha - Poised high atop its mountain, Lawful Evil Golgotha will be the military power-house of the Empire.  From formation combat armies to free-ranging raiding squads, from stealthy assassins to specialized companies of Half-Orc shock troops and Necromancers, Golgotha will be the iron first of Xeilias.  If this appeals, check these out:
  • House Karnath - The settlement governing Company of Golgotha.
  • Maelstrom - Golgotha's formal military, specializing in large scale PvP combat and settlement warfare.
  • The Bloody Hand - Golgotha's assassins and raiders.
  • Iron Tusk Band - A company of Half-Orc shock troop infantry under the command of an old Shadow Clanner.
  • House Winterfield - Golgotha's army of harvesters, artisans, and traders.
  • Doom - A self-sufficient Company focusing on all aspects of play (e.g. PvE, PvP, crafting, etc.)
  • Order of the Dragon Turtle - A Private Company residing in Golgotha and focusing on mercenary contracts.
*Note - Callambea and Golgotha have a majority of members in the Pax Gaming Community.  Though membership to Pax is not mandatory, it does open up other great gaming opportunities to Xeilian members.
*Note - If you have your own Company/guild you think would fit into Golgotha, consider applying as a Sponsored Company, or Private Company.  If a single individual, perhaps Free Agent is what you're looking for.
3. Kreuz Bernstein - A recent alliance between two pre-existing settlements, Kreus Bernstein plans to focus on the best woodcrafts as well as arcane studies (Cleric & Wizard).
4. Mystical Awakening - Founded by the D.E.Y.S. gaming community (primarily European), Lawful Neutral Mystical Awakening, with it's years of PvP experience in other games, provides another strong military force within the Empire.
A Look at the Map:
Currently, the Pathfinder Online Land rush is underway.  "Guilds" are vying for settlement spots within the game.  Only those with Early Enrollment accounts can vote for Land Rush guilds, which can be purchased (here).
The map can be viewed (here).  If you click the "control Overlay" green tab at the top left of the map, you can see the letters of each settlement.  As you can see, the Xeilian Empire's settlements are strategically placed to benefit one another and our Northern Coalition Allies.
Golgotha = W
Kreuz Bernstein = H
Mystical Awakening = AA
Aragon (NC Ally) = X
Freevale (NC Ally) = I
Callambea = because it already won it's spot, it is not assigned a letter.  Look for the white horse head on a black/blue background  to the immediate west of Freevale.
If any of this looks promising to you, your friends, guild, or gaming community, please feel free to follow any of these links to one of our settlements for membership, or if you have questions, feel free to write me at
Imperial Ambassador
Empire of Xeilias


  • caliphiscaliphis Member Posts: 5
    There is a lot of good information here Hobs. I for one am happy to be supporting Golgatha in our attempt to take over the river kingdoms.  We shall rule with an  Iron Fist! You! Obey the fist!!
  • ZayvianAnivainZayvianAnivain Member Posts: 1
    This is a truly great bunch of folkls and nothing is better than getting in on the ground floor of a large group in a new game! Don't be behind the curve, Join Xeilias today!
  • Cybernation611Cybernation611 Member Posts: 1
    The Game we have all been waiting for with the group we have always wanted.
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