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Ninja Bunnies From Mars [Mikros] [DOMINION/CASUAL] [NA] Recruiting

VulokVulok Member Posts: 1


About Us

We strive to create a fun and light-hearted environment where people can come have fun and experience a tight-knit community. Think "Hakuna Matata" if that helps any.

We are more of a casual progression guild, but we plan on making some serious progress as soon as we are all raid-ready. Several of our guildies come from a hardcore raiding background, and are not afraid of helping newer players learn the ropes. We are currently more focused on PVE at the moment, but there are plans to get an Arena team together and start melting faces.  We are primarily an evening and weekend guild (due to RL and what not) with time zones ranging from EST to PST.


30 slot Mumble server
2 Guild Bank Tabs
Exp & Tradeskill Flasks
Active officer corps
Freindly Environemnt
Daily Adventure and Dungeon runs
Free Beer *not true?

If any of this sounds interesting to you, come check out our website at and shoot us an application. Or if you are more proactive, send me a PM in game (Vulok) for more information.

P.s. We also have a pretty active group on Smite if any of you happen to play that as well.

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