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Quests in all MMO games have been Generic



  • ArclanArclan Member UncommonPosts: 1,550

    Lets not forget the Denny's quest.

    Luckily, i don't need you to like me to enjoy video games. -nariusseldon.
    In F2P I think it's more a case of the game's trying to play the player's. -laserit

  • KiljaedenasKiljaedenas Member Posts: 468
    Originally posted by MMOExposed

    I see this statement a lot now days that Quest in MMOs are generic.

    Well I have to ask. What kind of quest entertains you?

    What quest are not generic?

    What video game had quest that wasnt generic?

    And If you want better quest, at lease explain what would make them better.

    The best non-generic ones are the ones you make up yourself in order to survive. Completely unscripted, you have a goal that your guild masters have set on their own and your guild has to figure out completely, start to finish, how to achieve that goal. Most MMOs don't have the in-game tools needed to make any quest like this particularly complicated. Others, however, do, and have led to some of the most logistically awesome and flat-out unexpected challenges I've ever had to overcome.

    For any of you that follow my posts regularly, you likely know which game I'm talking about :).

    Where's the any key?

  • phumbabaphumbaba Member Posts: 138
    Originally posted by Loke666

    Complaining when a game throw in a huge bunch of them is fine, in most cases they are just made so they can say that their game have 2000 (or whatever) different quests but it is just pointless grind similar to mobgrinding in older MMOs. And they could put the exact same work into making fewer but longer and more fun quests.

    I agree fully. A game with lots of filler quests has multiple negatives associated to it and I guess it could be argued that devs have used those to skip or avoid sandbox elements, which in general require some more thought processing. No need for lots of thinking, just push players to question mark after question mark. When they run out of question marks, make those question marks reappear every day and input a carrot.

    I really would like to see devs putting their time more on sandbox elements and input only large and difficult well thought standard quests. Periodically (long periods, week to month I guess) enabling and disabling more of them combined with large enough events would add to the dynamic feeling of the world while helping with the quest fatique. Some introductory quests are perhaps needed, I guess. There are always people who need them.

    I think filler quests hurt the games in the long run as they are more and more a major reason for people to get bored of said games. It might be wishful thinking, but I hope the trend of bigger games e.g. AA, BDO, EQN will make some difference and won't stop there. Each of those appears to have, to my knowledge, at least some thought for more interesting long term play. At the very least, it should be interesting to see how those games fare.

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