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[Dom PvX Widow server] Dungeon attunement

Game Over consists of a large amount of adults that have been playing together for years.  We all have lives, families, jobs, etc. However when we do play we get sh*t done.  Over the years we have been extremely successful on a number of different MMO's.  Specifically SWtoR, WoW, and Guildwars2.  While under a different guild tag, we quickly became the top PvP guild in each of those games on our server and arguably the top PvP guild in the world in SWtoR.  With PvE we have always managed to be among the top 5 on the servers.  

That being said, because we all do have busy lives and that brings us to our current dilemma,  20 man's and attunement.  Currently we have around 35 50's with give or take 10-20 truly active players (depending on the day of the week) and we need more.  All of us are on the dungeon part of the attunement process and working on it diligently.  We would like more like minded individuals for our PvE endeavor, which is our main focus as of right now.  

We do not have an app process at all.  The reason being?  Because this is not a job, this is a game.  We will, however, chop it up on TS too see if you will mesh with our personalities and visa versa.  

When it comes to media;  the guild is currently sponsored on twitch and we have plans to develop walk-through's and the like.  You can visit our website at to see our latest news and media over the years.

Feel free to contact me in game @Hebrwhamr, or reply to this post with your in-game name and I will get with you as soon as I can.

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