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QuakeCon ESO Info Dump Summary

PaskePaske Member UncommonPosts: 135

Here is a link to summary on Reddit of what was said on ESO Quackecon presentation.


Im sure it will be published you Youtube and Twitch, but for now -  enjoy reading :)


Lots and lots of goodies inside.


  • nate1980nate1980 Member UncommonPosts: 1,995

    Thanks for the post! 

    I read through it and I'm actually sad about it. For the past day I've been waiting for news on what they were going to change with the game, because I've been toying around with resubscribing to it. 

    I had a few reasons for leaving. One had to do with the inability to create a fleshed out character due to the way the skills were made and the limited amount allowed on your hot bar. The spell animations also were not aesthetically pleasing, which is extremely important to me. The way my character looks, the skills he uses, and the way those skills look and the complexity allowed in developing my character is of utmost importance to me, just as is a reason to play in the game world is and a variety of activities. 

    The last thing is the veteran ranks. I like the idea of veteran ranks, because I enjoyed similar systems in EQ2 and DAoC. The difference is that those games didn't force you to play through the enemy factions content to gain those ranks and hold cool content behind them, such as the Trials. I won't give Zenimax anymore of my money until they fix these issues for me. 


  • InnkwellInnkwell Member Posts: 59

    I appreciate the post, as a short summary is a great way to review the previews.

     I for one recommend that everyone who reads this actually watches the broadcast on twitch

    It starts at around 4:28:40 ish, it has a ton of great video footage and as much as I'm stoked about all the content they're working on the guy who talked about the facial expression updates was my favorite.



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