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[DOMO] Maybe is back thanks to Subagames

After the closura under Aeriagames, there is a chance that the game will revive soon thanks to the folks at Subagames.

If you guys liked DOMO and want it back support the game through this thread:
Subagames suggestions forum

I liked DOMO back in the 2007-2010, sad it was closed because of some license deals with the developer Softstar (in Taiwan the game is current supported and active), hope Subagames is able to bring the game back, i have a lot of memories here (really liked the bard class :D) even if is a very outdated game (but with a very good class and quest system).


  • AkulasAkulas Member RarePosts: 2,768
    Depends if the customer service is good and what the monetisation is like. If we're required to buy dream powder to fix the max durability on armor for example I see no reason to play it as you need real money to stay competetive.

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  • FoxkounFoxkoun Member Posts: 96
    I thought it sounded familiar..It took me a minute to catch that I had played it in the past.
  • necrosteinnecrostein Member UncommonPosts: 80

    grabbed a key, loaded the game, server connection issues have kept me from spending much time, like anything  more than 10 minutes after my first login.  hope ti does not mean that it is being dropped before it starts.

    the number of beta keys left indicates a very lackluster response, hope it wont die on the vine.

    ill try a fresh installation and see.


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