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Servers empty - Should Wildstar had launched as F2P?



  • AeonbladesAeonblades Member Posts: 2,083

    I think if they had released as F2P with a cash shop like GW2 they would have had a lot better retention. I don't think the servers are "empty" per se, but I do think most of them are low pop at this point, or at least they were around a week ago, which was the last time I logged in before my month elapsed.


    The performance/ui and combat bugs are just too heavy to pay every month to deal with for me right now, but I'd probably still log in occasionally if it was free, especially to check and see if the game is fixed up.


    People like to rag on ESO for whatever reason, but I don't see WildStar's launch as any better than ESO's with all the bugs bots and glitches abound in WildStar. Like ESO, it's just going to take time to fix all the game's problems, and time is something MMO players don't enjoy spending with a game anymore it seems.

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  • st3v3b0st3v3b0 Member UncommonPosts: 155
    Server I play on at night (9pm est-midnight) is Medium - High every night.
  • danwest58danwest58 Member RarePosts: 2,012
    Originally posted by tordurbar

    I personally like Wildstar but cannot play it any more. Litterally cannot. After playing for more than an hour my hands hurt so much that I cannot continue. Action combat is not for me. However, I do not castigate Carbine for using action combat. It can be fun and is certainly exciting. The issue is with me - not Carbine.

    From what I read on other sites I gather that my reaction is not as unusual as I suspected. It is a shame as there are a lot of thing that I like about Wildstar - the graphics, the humor, the complexity and the settler path. To show my support for Carbine I purchased a 3 month sub but after that it is over.


    Should WS have been released as F2P - no. Any AAA MMO title that starts out F2P would be trashed from the get go. It seems that the normal procedure now is to release as a sub and then switch to f2p. The developers/investors need that initial payoff.


    Would F2P make a difference? Not for people like me. However, moving to free to play would bring in a lot of younger players that enjoy action combat so the net effect would be positive.


    I had that same issue with Neverwinter and Tera Tordurbar.  Then again I have carpal tunnel and need to have it fixed.  The problem was when I played action combat games like Neverwinter and Tera it act up more and faster than WOW.  Not saying I dont have problem when I play WOW just not as much.  

  • marcuslmmarcuslm Member UncommonPosts: 263

    I personally like the B2P model of GW2.

    I don't mind paying for a game, but I don't like to pay subs because my play time is sporadic. I play in spurts. I may lay off of a game for a month or two and then come back. I like variety. I have limited time for games and I don't play MMORPG games exclusively, so when a new single player game comes out it may get my attention for a month or so.

    So B2P works out best for me personally.

  • AmanaAmana Moderator UncommonPosts: 3,912
    Between the assumption made in the title and the poll, this was clearly not an attempt at real discussion. Locked.

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