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Where is my beta key for Warlords of Draenor

JohnersJohners Member Posts: 10
When the week two sweepstakes for the Warlords of Draenor giveaway ended last night, I was on the initial list of winners that went up. After a while that list went down and I hadn't received a beta key. Now a new list is up and all of a sudden I'm not on the list. Can someone explain why I didn't get my beta key yet I won with the first winners list that went up and was pulled?


  • FajritzFajritz Member Posts: 2

    Hijacking this too, why didn't i get beta key, and was on the initial list?


    Is it common for mmorpg to "reroll" their lists and what would be the purpose of this, if not getting beta keys for admins friends, IE. Quite a scam tho. 



  • JohnersJohners Member Posts: 10
    I know there were some bots from the first giveaway but I'm not a bot . I won't sell the key. I actually want to play the game.
  • FajritzFajritz Member Posts: 2

    I'm from Croatia and it has quite a low playerbase, so when the keys got rolled in the morning i noticed myself and some other players i know got in. None of the us are on the second list, but there are 3 other players from Croatia.


    Meaning we weren't "removed" due to some "rule breaking". The list was rerolled. Quite unfair.


  • JohnersJohners Member Posts: 10
    That breaks the terms and conditions of the giveaway. It says nothing about rerolling, nowhere on the website of the giveaway. While my proof of me being on the initial list is weak. Them breaking their own terms and conditions can be used in a law suit. While it is only a beta key for a game that will be out in a few months, it is more the principle of what happened.
  • BulozbBulozb Member UncommonPosts: 6
    Samehere :(
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