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Ancients of Fasaria: Celestias Angelica Release 8-27-14


Ancients of Fasaria's  first expansion "Celestias Angelica" will be released on August 27th 2014. This new version includes new areas, a higher level cap, more items, updates and game features. We have also included a new strategy guide walkthrough as well with hints, maps items stats and more.


What is Ancients of Fasaria?:

Ancients of Fasaria is an mmorpg based upon the 2D RPG Angels of Fasaria that was first released in 2005. With thousands of downloads and over 48 thousand active users in the browser based game, Angels of Fasaria maintained a loyal following and support base. Fasaria World was later released as the first full mmorpg version in 2009 and was totally re-designed and released as Ancients of Fasaria in 2013.


Game Features Include:

Explore Fasaria and her 3 moons
Journey through the Planetarium
Populate and build your space station
Level up your skills and character
Collect tribute from your fleet
Gain karma based upon how you fight
Climb the ranks and much more

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