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Mature | Active Admins | PvP | Magma | Currency

UnFoundUnFound Member Posts: 1
Hello Everyone!!

Right now is the birth of a new community modded server!! We plan to take this all the way and make the best out of it as we can, and to try and get the greatest reputation in all of rust! We have our set of rules so it will be fun for all, starting off, and already set up in our server. We also do not want this to be just a server, we want this to be a community and gone out of our way to get a teamspeak 3 server!

Ok enough of the boring chatter, here is the information to the Rust server.
The server name is "Mature | Active Admins | PvP | Magma | Currency"
The IP and Port is "" "28016"
The server name goes off of many things we have in our server.
Mature= The community and our Administrators
Active Admins= Self Explanitory
PvP= Player vs Player, going along with making alliances, and we also incourage PvE!! Player vs Environment.
Magma= is a mod that adds alot to our community such as, an ingame friends list!!
Currency= is another mod that will add money to your wallet with everything you kill, and there will be traders set around the map so you can trade with your money you are making.

Seems like we covered it all!
Ill see all you guys in the server and hopefully in Teamspeak too!!
Hope you all have fun! And to get a free Silenced Pistol with 50 9mm Ammunition.
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