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Today last day to get the free Apartment on Nar Shaddaa!! (PM me for some stuff)

DocBrodyDocBrody Member UncommonPosts: 1,926

well I resubbed to SWTOR today, so this is a heads up if you want to get the Nar Shaddaa Apartment plus 3 extra rooms for free when the expansion launches, you need to sub today.

Posting referral links is not allowed here but if you send me a private message before you sub I´ll send you a link which gets you:

as a new player a Jumpstart Bundle or as returning player a Preferred Friends Bundle

This would help ME out to and get me a nice speeder as a reward. (Kurtob Alliance)

so please send me a PM before you sub and we´ll both get something out of it!


Jumpstart Bundle includes:

  • 1x Quick Travel Pass
  • 5x Minor XP Boost
  • 1x Inventory Module

Previous Subscribers enjoy seven days of subscription level access with unlimited access to missions and features up to Level 50 plus the following:

Preferred Friends Bundle includes:

  • Unlock: Inventory Module
  • Unlock: Crew Skill Slot
  • Customization Control: Display Titles
  • Customization Control: Unify Colors
One Complimentary Character Transfer for the lifetime of the account. For a full list of Subscriber benefits, visit


  • Interesting.


    First time I've heard about this. Hmm.

  • ImpacthoundImpacthound Member UncommonPosts: 367
    Originally posted by BlueTiger13



    First time I've heard about this. Hmm.

    Are you on this board at all or check your emails? It's been one of the two things BioWare emails you monthly if you have an account in any state; asking you to subscribe in time or to maintain your account to preserve your perks.

    It's pretty hard to miss, unless you were being sarcastic.

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