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[EU][Exile][EKO][PvE] Bluescreen Of Death, A Hardcore PVE guild.

ArnalyaArnalya Member Posts: 1

Hi people,

Bluescreen of death is a EU, hardcore PVE guild, curently looking for more players for our raiding team.

We are primairly looking for DPS players atm, but will also accept healers and tanks with an offspec dps.

There are some requirements though before applying:

  • Have the genesis key and be preferably at least on step 5 of attunement (vet dungeons)
  • Minimum full blue gear and runed
  • Watch video's and know tactics of ALL the fights and cleared all dungeons on normal
  • Have pots and food ond every vet dungoen run
  • Have minimum of 2 or 3 stuns
  • Have teamspeak and a mic.

We have a good group of members atm (over 50 lvl 50 players), but we are looking for more players so we can organise more groups at the same time. Most of us are 25+ years old and around the CET timezone. We organise guild events on a daily basis.

You can apply via our forums on

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