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wakfu now really f2p

bibensdbibensd Member UncommonPosts: 58
today the international and american wakfu servers have changed to an actual f2p model where you can play the whole game now and not just in astrub, if anyone is interested, it's a french indie mmorpg that is very sandboxy with alot of classes. It also has turn based combat and 2.5d graphics. www.wakfu.com


  • TorvalTorval Member LegendaryPosts: 20,657
    I'll go check it out again. I didn't like how the payment system was set up before. It looks pretty cool though.
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  • grindingamergrindingamer Member Posts: 65
    The only Turn Based game worth playing is Atlantica. I quit Wakfu after 2 weeks, it has maybe 30% of what Atlantica has to offer, the fact wakfu went fully f2p shows it doesnt have many players left. 
  • vkaraujovkaraujo Member Posts: 6

    I'm having a blast with this game. 


    Loved the politics and environment management. It even has climate variation.

    Very creative developers. Each class fells unique and there are 15 of them.


    Craft is also good.


    There are only a few quests, it is sandbox after all. But these quests have been very interesting. I mean, when they put a Dragon with 10k HP against your lvl 8 char, just to see if you are going to give up or use your head, you know there is something good about the game.

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