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Improved html editor

kresa3333kresa3333 Member UncommonPosts: 64

Hey guys not sure if anyone suggested that allready but i would have liked to see a new html editor , its a big site with a big focus on forum posting so its kinda yelling for that.
Now about what to improve? well i dont know if i should compare to other sites but hmm just look around the web there are quite a few great and fun to use html editors out there.
I decided to mention it because i love using google chrome which leaves me with the must basic html editor on this site and well kinda wierd "back to the past" feeling.
The other html editor giving me trouble with left and right typing direction for english, really annoying to type ( probebly because of chrome).
P.S Its not something that ruins the posting experince but it can surely make it alot more fun ^^.

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