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[NA Stormtalon][DOM][PvE Semicore raiding]

"Why be ordinary when you can be Infamous (^.^t)?!

Who we are:

Infamous is a new raiding guild created by 5 level 50 friends who are tired of guilds promising goals and never delivering. Infamous has its roots in World of Warcraft, Aion, and Rift (Zikel/Asphodel) where our leadership created a server leading raid team. We have now set our sights on Stormtalon and a will be beginning a new chapter in our gaming legacy.

What does Infamous represent?

Doing more with less. We will NEVER turn into a skill-less, except everybody, zergling guild. Doing more with less means that our hand selected players will be expected to play at the highest levels, be knowledgeable, or willing to learn, and be motivated. Doing more with less means that you will never have to compete with no name warrior # 600 for that shiny piece of gear you want. Doing more with less means that you are accountable to your guild mates as we will depend heavily on each other to succeed.

How will I know if Infamous is right for me?

1) Do you like PvE content, and want to see it during the current expansion?

2) Can you be available to raid Mon, Wed, or Fri from 8-11PM EST?

3) Can you download and use Mumble?

4) Will DKP and loots make you tingle in your pants?

5) Are you sick of watching people wipe on the same content over and over? I puddles are NOT power puffs and do not offer "free candyz!"

6) Does adult humor make you giggle?

7) When you see a boss, whether in a dungeon or in a raid, do you want to bend it over, punch it in the back of the head, pull its hair, and take its virtue, money, or whatever else is lying around? Who doesn' I right?

Then Infamous is the place for you!

To apply go to or contact us in game for an in-person application on mumble.

Contacts: Silchas, Ladyenvy, Kanttank.


  • SilchasINFSilchasINF Member Posts: 3
    Added five new members last night. Come give us a look!
  • SilchasINFSilchasINF Member Posts: 3
    Update: we now have 24 level 50s working on various stepsof the attunement process, as well as 26 folks still leveling. Planning to cap ourselves at 70ish players to keep the loot pool small.
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