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The Echo Woodsmen - Sustainable Harvesting & Protectors of the Forest

UthrethUthreth Member CommonPosts: 2

The Echo Woodsmen is a sponsored company of Phaeros, and run by a very solid core group of RL friends with decades of gaming experience between us.  We're mature, friendly, team oriented, and very interested in promoting a positive atmosphere within Pathfinder Online.


We're recruiting anyone who is interested in protecting the forest and roleplaying the use of sustainable harvesting methods to receive the gifts that the forest grants us while helping to increase the health of the biome.  Druids and rangers would feel at home with our group, as would anyone who prefers the forest to the walls of cities.  We have several members who plan to roleplay as lumber jacks or hunters while building their characters with a mainly martial or gathering focus.  We also have a few arcane casters, and even an aristocrat.  Crafters and refiners count themselves among the ranks of The Echo Woodsmen, giving us another avenue of income, and we will stake our claim and take over a tower within the first day or two of Early Enrollment.


Come visit The Echo Woodsmen and learn more about us.  You can also PM Uthreth Baelcoressitas on the Pathfinder Online forums.  We're happy to answer any questions you might have, and we usually have members on the Seventh Veil TeamSpeak server most nights hanging out in the Public Lobby channel.  We look forward to meeting you!

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