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EU (H) -Epiphany - Tarren Mill - 14/14hc 25 man

ThebhoyThebhoy Member Posts: 6

Epiphany is a merger between 2 guilds from low population servers which have moved to Tarren Mill, after swapping servers we both hit 13/14Heroic 10 man and have moved to 25 man raiding from the 26th March.

We raid Wed, Thur and Sunday - 20:00-23:00 server time and our aim to progress by having focused, fun raids that are serious on new content. We are a very social guild with people online until the early hours each day.

Any exceptional applications will be considered, our 25 man recruitment is almost complete but we would like to add a few more members.

monk (healer) medium

warlock high

deathknight (dd) high

Please contact us in game on Theb#2203 / Kit#2973 / Fishnuts#2384 for more information or apply on our website

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