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[US-Proudmoore] Alliance reroll guild, building up to casual raiding in WoD

markusthemadmarkusthemad Member Posts: 6

Cosmic is a new reroll guild on Proudmoore-Alliance, composed largely of long-time Horde players from the Initech and KA guilds on Cairne and Zul'jin. The guild leader (Orbit/Anzak) has been the guild and raid leader for those groups, for most of the past 8 years.

Over the years, we've built up a name for ourselves as a mature and respectful guild, that raided on a limited schedule but could still get the job done. Dating back to WotLK, we've maintained a standard of always downing all Normal modes while still current content. Beyond that, we've dabbled in some Heroics, usually claiming a handful of kills per tier. This on a mere 6 hours per week schedule.

Looking ahead to Warlords of Draenor, our plan is to run two nights a week (Tuesday & Thursday 9pm-Midnight Eastern). Our goals will be flexible Normals and Heroics, running a roster of 15-20 people on a typical night. Players will be accountable for their performance, but we will aim to teach and help, before cutting anyone. Positive attitudes and a team mindset are what matter most.

If this sounds like the environment for you, feel free to check us out at Join us in our reroll levelling over the summer, as we build up to kicking off our new raid schedule for WoD. Thanks!



  • markusthemadmarkusthemad Member Posts: 6

    Update: Recruitment is going quite well - between returning old guildies and a handful of newcomers who've shown interest, we're now around the 13-15 person range. Enough for future raiding, but still a bit short of my personal goal of about 20 people. That number would give us more consistent group composition, as well as enough leeway to allow for absences.

    Look forward to hearing from more of you! :)


  • markusthemadmarkusthemad Member Posts: 6

    Still going strong and looking for more!

    Anyone interested can apply at - thanks!

  • benblazin44benblazin44 Member Posts: 3
    Most of my toons are horde but I believe I have at least a couple alli 90s on proudmoore. I have my legendary cloak on other toon but my alli are not very well geared. I am however looking for a stable raiding guild to play on for the x pac.
  • markusthemadmarkusthemad Member Posts: 6
    The guild is rapidly expanding, these days.

    We've now appointed four Officers (a mix of old and new blood), have levelled the guild itself up to 15 and will be scheduling some fun social events and contests in the near future.

    Let us know if you'd like to take part!
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