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Memory Leak (PvE, Exlies,Casual Progressive guild)

snowdeanosnowdeano Member Posts: 23

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Are you a person who enjoys participating in voice comms banter? Do you have a twisted strange sense of humour? Who enjoys telling bad jokes or are you one of those folks who find’s themselves in awkward situations or downright embarrassing but who turns it in to a comical story to tell your friends so you can laugh at yourself? Do you acknowledge this strange alien thing called real life and maybe just maybe it must sometime come first? The soul just trying so hard to find a place where you can just be yourself without this pint-sized thing called judgement. Does any of this fit you in anyway? Then perhaps memory leak is the paradise you have been searching for.

Server: Eko

Faction: Exlies

Regions: Europe

Language: English

Progress: Farming gold vet adventures. KV vet dungeon down.

Raids: Looking towards 2 times a week.

Memory Leak is a newly form guild by a group of friends who have played WildStar since beta. We would describe ourselves as a mature, casual and progressive guild bent on making our guild the best it can be, a guild that our members deserve. Our main focus is PvE working towards the 20 man raid but we will be playing all parts of the game in our own time. You have to learn to run before you can fly. The guild leader and the round table's main goal is to create a community we can all call home while playing WildStar, a community that reflects the guild values. We ask all new members to go through a trial period of two weeks. In this time you will become the centre of attention being a part of our small community, grouping with us, laughing with us, crying with us and screaming bloody rage with us. To see if your juggling act fits nicely in our crazy extravaganza.

The souls we are looking for.
• The seasoned side of 18 however if you can show us a mature fun attitude than younger applicants will be considered.
• A friendly and social attitude.
• The ability to speak and understand English well, both written and verbally.
• To be able to join us on TeamSpeak.
• To contribute to forum posts.
• The biggest and most important of them all. You must have a sense of humour.

The souls we are not looking for.
• People who are directly rude or abusive to others.
• Any behaviour which would give the guild a bad name, public arguing e.g.
• Cheaters/hackers
• Loot or damage chart obsessed players, anything with an elitist attitude in general.

What the guild offers to our members.
• Dedicated TeamSpeak server.
• Guild website.
• An understanding that real life comes first.
• A community that wants to play together.
• A place to put your feet up and be yourself.

If memory leak sounds right for you then you must be wacky like us

Send in an application to start your memory leak! application






  • snowdeanosnowdeano Member Posts: 23
    All levels are very welcome to join. Most of our end game player base is farming vet adventure gold and taking down the first few bosses in vet dungeons. ^^


  • snowdeanosnowdeano Member Posts: 23



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