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Game has drawn me back in!



  • elockeelocke Member UncommonPosts: 4,335
    Originally posted by Seilan
    Originally posted by Rajai
    There is a lot of new content, you can have 3 trust npcs out at a time, a lot of missions are soloable(not all of them but most of them) There are challenging new events that push your group to the limits, and aside from being an enormous time sink this is one of the best MMOs ever made in terms of content and lore. I'm resubbing right now because I've taken a 3 month break and I can't get into the ffxiv hype people supposedly have.  Kactuar of Asura

    Did they ever add the ability to use Trust with other people in the group? I had read they were planning on doing that. I was thinking of getting a friend to start back up with me when I finally come back, and I was hoping we could duo and still use a trust npc or two.

    Yes.  They also just allowed you to level sync in a group with them out as well.  They are doing a lot with Trusts, trust me ;D, I just wish they would also get rid of the Limit Break wall for new players as it's really a pain.  More so the Maat fight one and some of the AF quests really should be revamped.  Namely the Thief AF2 quest.  That quest combined with the requirements to beat Maat have made me unsub, sadly.  I really want to play the game but hitting a huge wall like that, just took the wind out of my sails.  So...the game for now is GREAT to level up any and everything to level 70.  Beyond that though, either have a ton of gil, which is nigh impossible to make, the right way at least that you can buy the gear and food needed to beat Maat or just get real lucky with the RNG of stealing as a thf.  Gah, it's depressing even typing about it now.  I've unsubbed and gone back to FFXIV for now.  I'll come back in a heartbeat when they change the Limit Break barriers, IF they ever change them. 

  • SoloAnythingSoloAnything Member UncommonPosts: 308

    Hi Elocke, are you still playing FFXI? I am thinking to resubscribe to FFXI myself and was wondering if anyone here still plays to tag along or something.

    My character is on Phoenix but I can pay for transfer if it is :)

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