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EQN is nothing but a big fat troll reason inside this post



  • AvanahAvanah Member RarePosts: 1,584

    More people should use spell check. It helps others better understand what you are typing.

    It is simple, built in and shows a red underline in the shape of a zigzag if you misspell a word which you will see and be able to correct before you click "Post Message".


    Just trying to help. :-)


    Also on topic: EQN will be great, I hope. Time will tell. :)

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  • CrazKanukCrazKanuk Member EpicPosts: 6,130
    Originally posted by mmorpgolstimer

    EQN rumors have been out since the past decade! a whole decade if not more

    1- everquest has been in the morgue nailing tis own coffin since 2003 with its never stopping expansion release every 2 months

    2- the only thing we have seen so far off the EQN game are paintings like a dozen... so in a whole DECADE the only thing they came up with was a dozen paintings?!?!?! come on we may have idiots written in bright red on our foreheads BUT we arent all stupid ( some exeption may apply AHEM!obamaworshippersAHEM!

    3- its always the same ol song pushed back release date need more time to work on this and that they had nearly 13 years to make this game and nothing

    4- the only that changed since they trolled this oen out? the numbers of player in MaccroQuest house of boxes sky rocketted( i used to play it totally sucks) you want a group? macroquest your group instead less annoying and you dont spend your whole day in lfg


    need mroe info ask SOE they will tel you: we are working on it and it shoudl be out soon....plz SOE define soon in 1 word plz


    Hmmmm, sounds like Titan. 


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  • NanfoodleNanfoodle Member LegendaryPosts: 9,698
    Game is so fake, like NASA and the moon landing, earth is flat and we know it. EQN is so fake it spun off another whole fake MMO, Landmark. SoE has nothing but concept art? Go log into Landmark and see a world filled with people making content right now. The Dark Elves stuff will blow your mind. People already working on the other races getting ready for the contents that are yet to happen. 
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