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[NA][Exiles][PvE][Caretaker] Band of the Red Hand

Hello! Band of the Red Hand is a group of tightly knit friends that have enjoyed MMO's for many years. We are seeking players that are friendly, open-minded, and are actively trying to progress through Wildstar content. All players are welcome to come and hang out with us of course but the ambitious raiders are what we're after. Late night raiding has always been a joy for all of us and we're happy to get started in Wildstar as well.

Our main focus will be Wildstar's amazing PVE content. We will expect raiders to show up for most if not all scheduled raid time with the obvious exceptions. Raiders will be expected to show up with food buffs, pots, and a change of pants as needed because shit goes down. Heh get it?

Raid Times: Saturday: 8:30 PM PST - 11:30 PM PST Sunday: 8:30 PM PST - 11:30 PM PST

Contact MFRainsticks or Untimelydoom on here, previous sites/threads, or in game for more information and/or concerns!

Make sure to visit our site at redarms.enjin.com!


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