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WoD Beta Key Requests and Offers

AmanaAmana Moderator UncommonPosts: 3,912

While the supply of Warlords of Draenor beta keys trickle in, we don't want this forum to become overrun with individual key request threads. So most of you know the process we have. Please post in this thread if you are looking for a key or have one to offer.


And stay tuned for further giveaways since we will have more coming this week (posted July 1)

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  • KirbydlxKirbydlx Member Posts: 3

    Just like most other people on the forum, I'm looking for a beta key as well. Still, excited for the upcoming giveaway which should be happening sometime this week :D


  • ZariakZariak Member UncommonPosts: 20
    Well, with some spare time right now I could use a beta key for sure! Thanks all! Good luck!
  • monkeybhoy94monkeybhoy94 Member UncommonPosts: 1
    One Warlords of Draenor beta key, please.
  • BananaRaccoonBananaRaccoon Member Posts: 10

    Really desperate for a key. I really want WoD to do well so I want to beta test everything I possibly can.


    If anyone has a spare key, please inbox me one! 


    Thanks :) 

  • RawcultRawcult Member Posts: 2

    Definitely looking for a key. Will give my first-born and my right leg. Feel free to PM if you have an excess one. :)

    Have a nice day.

  • Angusx51Angusx51 Member UncommonPosts: 18

    Also looking for a key as well, feel free to PM me.


  • Clypto75Clypto75 Member UncommonPosts: 70
    Requesting a WoD beta key if ya got one! Got a bit of time on my hands, wouldnt mind seeing what Blizzard has come up with in this next expansion. 
  • TibzzTibzz Member Posts: 3
    Would love a key as well, certainly not holding my breath but if you have a spare and are looking for an outlet feel free to PM me!
  • demadildemadil Member UncommonPosts: 88
    Would like a key. ty in advance.
  • freakachufreakachu Member Posts: 9

    I'd like to have a beta key if possible . I'd be really thankful to you if you've a spared one.Thanks in future


  • lorigiolorigio Member Posts: 3
    Hey I also looking for a beta key hope to get one soon.
    Please make the giveaway EU accessible!
  • GalariusGalarius Member CommonPosts: 6
    Would love a bet key been playing blizz games ever since diablo one and been playing WoW since day 1 and some V beta.
  • ZeymereZeymere Member UncommonPosts: 209

    I would like a key please and thank you!


    Pm or email at same screen name




  • BetaguyBetaguy Member UncommonPosts: 2,614

    Would love a key please and thanks.

    This thread made my heart pound when it was first posted... MMORPG Staff, new post and WoD + Beta Key wording, curse you Amana, curse you. *Shakes_First* ;}


  • Mentok86Mentok86 Member Posts: 1
    I'll second that. Please give me a key for Warlords of Draenor!
  • thunder4othunder4o Member UncommonPosts: 8
    Please i would like a key if you got any to spare ;) 
  • benjalop4benjalop4 Member CommonPosts: 1

    i would love a key please!


    i wanna smash!!

  • CandyCaneNJCandyCaneNJ Member UncommonPosts: 187
    I would like a key please!
  • Raitu902Raitu902 Member Posts: 1

    I would love to get a Warlords of Draenor betakey! Good luck everyone!


  • AegnoraAegnora Member Posts: 3
    Would love a key for sure, and if i ever win a giveaway or something and have a spare key, i'll give it here.
  • aentaroaentaro Member CommonPosts: 5

    send me a key please


    thanks MMORPG!

  • BlaqksmithBlaqksmith Member Posts: 27
    I would ABSOLUTLY LOVE a Beta key, cant wait to try out all the new character models and transmogs on them! 


  • 3lt3rc3rmail3lt3rc3rmail Member CommonPosts: 1

    am i getting to play this finally!!!??


    thanks for the chance! i was to late last time

  • AsperitiasAsperitias Member Posts: 1
    Sadly, I haven't been able to obtain a key so far. Would really, really love to be able to play the beta, though - so of course I'd be more than grateful if I'd be able to get my hands on one.  :)
  • Grindelwald89Grindelwald89 Member Posts: 1
    Warlords of Draenor beta key, please!!!! 
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