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Stay away from the 'Packs' sold in the Cash Shop

BartDaCatBartDaCat Member UncommonPosts: 812

So a couple of weeks back I purchased a "Knight of the Feywild" Pack for my main character.  I wanted the Unicorn mount and the 'Feywild Regalia' (a costume that basically gives your character a Faerie outfit... laugh if you will, I LIKED IT!) that came with the Pack.  The great thing, or so I thought, was that each of my new characters would get the 'Feywild Regalia', so I'd have a fun costume from the get-go whenever I created a new character... so, imagine my surprise when I went to create a new character tonight, and found that they stealth-removed the 'Feywild Regalia' from the pack, and even altered their official website so that it no longer appears as part of the Pack.


Nevermind that I purchased the pack because it DID include the costume, and for some odd reason, Perfect World Entertainment/ARC/whatever decided to remove it, I purchased this Pack when that costume was part of the deal.


Who knows what stealth changes they'll make to future packs, so unless you intend to use everything in the Pack you purchase for just ONE character, don't expect to find all of the same items when you go to the Reward Claim Agent on an 'alt' character.


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