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Adrastos - Diablos [FC] [LFM] [MC]

We may be only a three-month-old FC, but we've achieved much already. The six-person officer group managed to level the FC to 8 and purchase/furnish company housing within six weeks - THAT is how dedicated and active we all are! Since that time, we've grown to about 25 members and are having a great time! We have one solid raid group (currently working through T6) and are putting together a second team. At this time, all roles are accepted and needed... occasionally needed to cover team 1 when someone is on vacation or unavailable, as well.

**We are currently looking for a solid tank who can show up Tues, Wed and Thurs night beginning at 10pm EST to raid for our core raid team. We're in T6 right now. Prefer a WAR but a PLD would be okay, as well! We're not a hard core raiding guild - we consider ourselves to be medium core. **

We have a small website: and of course we have TeamSpeak! We try to put together FC events for everyone to chill and have fun, including our upcoming "house party." You can visit our FC house in The Mist, Ward 3 - lot 17 anytime!

We don't allow any type of childish behavior or drama. We love to help each other and do things as a group often beyond raiding and hope to find more of you to hang out with. We're friends first and foremost - we tend to joke and laugh a LOT - but we get down to business when it's called for. We take our raid time seriously and get the job done while laughing and teasing each other throughout. We feel this makes for a much better raid experience than screaming and demanding perfection does.

Send a /tell in game to: Katareena Fumas, Bowsers Castle, Tako Mut, Ting Low or Darth Revan. We're always happy to talk more about who we are and what we're up to!
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