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[Ultro][FC] The Patrons of The Order are officially recruiting!

The Patrons of The Order is now officially recruiting new members! We are an FC that focuses on end game content as well as assisting new players with getting used to the game and reigning down sweet sweet order on all creatures of Eorzea.

Rules and important details:

  • We are as much a community as we are an FC, this means that if you join you must participate in chat with the rest if the guild (No joining simply for the benifits). We are all friendly and it is required that you must be a friendly and helpful person to join in on our adventures.

  • We have absolutely zero tolerance for player bashing, this includes anything to do with race, gender, sexual orientation and age. Like stated above we are a friendly community that enjoys adventuring together and helping each other out.

  • You must be active, if you are inactive for weeks at a time then you will be removed from the FC without notice, this is to maintain the active nature of the FC as well as to ween out the whole quantity over quality mentality a lot of FC's seem to have.

  • You must contribute the best you can (no free loaders)

Features for The Patrons:

  • We have a Twitch channel for when we are tackling end level content or other events.

  • We have a year paid Mumble server for those FC members that wish to use it.

  • We have an extensive website for all FC members to keep connected.

  • We have The Patrons Station which is a radio station to give those of you that enjoy gaming to music something to tune into.

  • We have forums for all Patrons of The Order so you can seek help if you have any questions!

Where to apply:

You can find the application form HERE![1]

The FC leader is on daily and usually all night because she doesn't believe in sleeping like normal human beings, if she isn't on it is usually because the apartment has burned down or her computer has exploded in a fiery blaze reminiscent of 1000 burning suns.

If you think this Full Company sounds right for you then feel free to apply! From myself the ever so valiant and wondrous Vincint Soul I wish you the best and hope to see YOU on the battlefields of Eorzea!

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